About Us

Kiru 切る
Japanese - English
Verb 'To Cut'

Hi! We're Jo & Vince and we'd like to introduce you to Kiru - the newest addition to our little family. We live in a beautiful seaside town in Devon together with Vince's two awesome boys and our dog called {insert name here…as soon as Vince says yes to getting one}
Whilst walking along the beach one day we saw inspiration for designs and patterns everywhere, be it on the side of a boat or the shadow of a fence. We wanted to use our creative superpowers for the greater good and find a way for even the most creatively-shy person to be able to add a personal touch to their home project or business. So we decided to produce high quality stencils using fresh designs and offering a bespoke service for one-off pieces.
Both coming from creative and people-led business backgrounds, we knew that we could provide well-made and easy-to-use products that everyone can use…and so Kiru was born.
We are excited for the future as the possibility of new designs and uses is endless, and we look forward to working on new products and bespoke designs, for and with you all, as Kiru continues to grow.
Happy stencilling folks!